Pro-Israel Advocacy

Harnessing artificial intelligence to advance pro-Israel advocacy and combat anti-Israel narratives.

The Risk of Ignoring AI

Addressing the Digital Gap in Advocacy

As anti-Israel and antisemitic movements grow and begin to tap into the potential of AI, Jewish and pro-Israel organizations face significant risks if they fail to adopt this powerful technology. The dangers of falling behind are not hypothetical but tangible and imminent.

Without AI, pro-Israel messaging and advocacy will fall behind, lose its effectiveness, and struggle to counter increasingly sophisticated anti-Israel narratives. Embracing AI isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a strategic imperative.

An anti-Israel extremist leveraging AI multiplies the reach and impact of their individual efforts, making even a single activist a formidable force.

The Suite of Tools

Discover our comprehensive suite of AI tools, each designed to enhance different aspects of pro-Israel advocacy. From content creation to data analysis and campaign optimization, our tools equip you with the power to navigate the digital advocacy landscape effectively.

AI-Powered Grassroots Campaigns

This tool uses real-time user data to generate unique, tailored messages to officials that truly reflect each activist's perspective.

Image Generation and Editing

Our AI image generation tool and training creates impactful images adding a powerful visual dimension to your pro-Israel campaigns.

Prompt Library

An exclusive collection of proprietary prompts for advanced users provide inspiration for powerful content creation.

Content Studio

An easy-to-use interface for creating compelling content like press releases, news articles, and social media posts with ease.

Big Data Analytics

Use AI to discover actionable insights, trend analysis, and deep understanding to guide your pro-Israel advocacy strategies.

Education & Training

A series of online courses guide you through the complexities of AI, giving you with the knowledge to maximize its potential.

Beta Access

We are offering select nonprofit organizations and other qualified partners exclusive access to join our beta program and test our AI tools.

A pro-Israel activist harnessing AI empowers even a single person to amplify their voice and multiply their impact.

AI: The Strategic Benefits

Accelerate pro-Israel content creation, enhance data analysis, gain real-time insights, and effectively counter opponents to amplify your impact.

Story Sharing

Share compelling narratives backed by AI-driven data.

Trend Prediction

Anticipate shifts using predictive analytics.

Targeted Outreach

Reach the right audiences with precision targeting.

Data Analysis

Uncover insights for informed decision-making.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand public opinion for effective response.

Content Optimization

Enhance campaign performance.

News & Information